Office Reconfiguration

Your business is always changing and your workplace design must adjust with these evolving requirements. For over 20 years, Commercial Resource Installation has been an expert in commercial interior reconfiguration. We pride ourselves in our skills to efficiently organize your commercial space to accommodate staff changes and growth. We are specialized in:

  • Adding and removing workstations
  • Adding new commercial furniture to existing spaces
  • Office cubicle reconfiguration
  • Adding or removing meeting spaces
  • Rearranging, moving, or adding provided modular walls
  • Improving the office environment and productivity

Our goals align with yours to optimize production workflow and create an environment conducive to the growth of your business without disrupting your company’s day to day work. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of a variety of major furniture manufactures and cubicle workstation systems allows us to work quickly and smoothly. When you work with us, you can expect:

  • Adherence to professional moving standards
  • Meticulous inspection of furniture before and after moving
  • Clean-up after the project is complete
  • Warehousing storage for new or existing furniture as needed

Our office furniture reconfiguration services are designed for each client’s specific and individual needs, whether you are expanding, shifting your business, or looking for new ways to optimize space. Our attention to detail enables us to provide punctual and efficient services. With Commercial Resource Installation, you can rely on the Quality-of-Service Guarantee that covers every job.

Why Us?

Established in 1993, Commercial Resource Installation has provided our clients peace of mind by offering beginning to end services such as office relocation, installation, reconfiguration, warehousing, asset management, and inventory management. Our team of highly trained professionals makes sure every step of the way is timely, efficient, and done with care. We offer comprehensive and exceptional solutions to transform your workspace and provide competitive pricing to meet your budget.

We cannot wait to work with you! Reach out by calling or submitting a Contact Us form to become a Commercial Resource Installation partner today.